[Welcome Pack] Internship version 3.0

TLTD Volunteer is pleased to release [version 3.0] of the [Welcome Pack] of TLTD Internship Department.

What is new?

We have added the following:

1- TLTD Projects Slide (P.4) has been updated with the start date of each project.

2- [NEW Page] TLTD Volunteer Values (P.6) has been added.

3- TLTD Volunteer Services has been updated (P.8).

4- TLTD Volunteer Internal Structure has been updated (P.10).

5- 60 Days Probation (P.14) has been updated.

6- Courses Department (P.18) has been updated.

7- 30 Days Online Training (P.22) has been updated by replacing (3) subjects with new ones.

8- [NEW Pape] WE are different (P.31) has been added.

To view or download the [Welcome Pack], please check the below link: