Feedback: CS-C001/L1 Course

Good morning, everyone 🙂

After the successful completion of the first Customer Service Course Level 1, we would like to ask the students of that course about their feedback and share their experience with others. It should not take more than 2-3 minutes of your time.



Please, take the time to write about your experience and share your feedback. By doing that, you’re helping our cause and you are simply keeping the promise you have made before joining our E-School. As per our E-School’s Policy, we need your help to spread the word:


And, that’s all what we shall ask for 🙂

Sharing love, time and ideas is very essential to build a healthy community and worth remembering civilization.

You can share your feedback on any channel you prefer. You may leave a comment on Facebook, Twitter or any other channel of Think Loud Think Differently Project.

Many thanks and have a great day 😀